How to Install Packet Tracer 7.1 in Linux (and resolve any dependency issues!)

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  1. Fernando says:

    Worked well for me on Linux Mint 18.2 x64
    Thanks a lot

  2. Dean says:

    Thanks a lot! I looked everywhere for a simple solution to this.

    I can now run it from within the directory /opt/pt/bin by typing ./Packettracer7

    However it still won’t start with the soft-link packettracer that should work from anywhere. Any advice?

    • Christechgr says:

      You you can make a soft link so you can run command directly in your terminal: sudo ln -s /opt/pt/bin/Packettracer7 /usr/local/bin/ptrun

      Try this and you can run it from the terminal by typing ptrun…

  3. sayem says:

    how i can install packetracer on redhat linux

  4. Mike says:

    Nice. Works well on Linux Mint 18.3. Still have an issue. The icons are really big and get get them smaller.
    Maybe you have an idea how to resolve this problem.

  5. Matt says:

    Great post. Definitely saved me time troubleshooting my PT install.


  6. Eddy S. says:

    Didn’t work me. Still asking for ./PacketTracer7: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. I went back and ran ./PacketTracer7 and still get the same message

  7. Alex L says:


    LinuxMint 18.3 KDE
    PT works if I run /opt/pt/bin/PacketTracer 7, but no files or directories are visible in the file menus. The directories are empty. Even no directories are visible, nothing.
    I started PT using packettracer, but then I got several errors that librearies couldn’t be found.
    PT is build against older versions of Qt, so it replies not finding the necessary libraries. I created symbolic links, so that PT searches for libQt*.so.52 which are linked to their pendants of libQt*.so.55.
    Now I am on an error message where I don’t know how to solve:
    alex@desktop $ packettracer
    Starting Packet Tracer 7.1.1
    ./PacketTracer7: symbol lookup error: /opt/pt/lib/ undefined symbol: UCNV_FROM_U_CALLBACK_ESCAPE_52
    Any suggestion?


  8. Adilson says:

    Perfect this simple and functional practical tutorial. Now my friend apologize for the fucking expression because when you created the packettracer pro linux no longer embodies these libraries. This makes the user’s life easier

  9. Angelos Georgalas says:

    Γεια σου Χρήστο,

    Σε KDE NEON 18.04 τρέχω Packettracer (7.2) στο τερματικό και δεν παίρνω κανένα μήνυμα λάθους όμως το πρόγραμμα δεν τρέχει.
    Πως μπορώ να δω τι λείπει;


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